The people are watching.

Arkansas politicians don’t always do the right thing. Our state’s colorful history includes corruption and abuse at all levels of government, plus plenty of lies, half-truths and political secrets.

We want our elected officials to act right. That’s why we’re here, to keep an eye on them.

You Should Know


White private school coach purports to be MESD teacher for Sanders’ propaganda machine

Martin Rawls said a 2nd grade class erupted with joy when he announced their school…

In slimy PR campaign, State tries to bully its way out of LEARNS lawsuit

In Marvell-Elaine, the Governor and Oliva engage in state-sponsored scare tactics, hoping plaintiffs will drop…

Conway judge jails college student for protesting school board’s anti-trans policies

Abuse of power finds its way to the courts where a former-ARGOP-director-turned judge takes up…