The people are watching.

Arkansas politicians don’t always do the right thing. Our state’s colorful history includes corruption and abuse at all levels of government, plus plenty of lies, half-truths and political secrets.

We want our elected officials to act right. That’s why we’re here, to keep an eye on them.

You Should Know

AR Legislature

Entergy Aims to Change Rules + Take More Money from Arkansans

As southerners emerge from last week’s arctic temps and record-breaking snowfalls, utility companies like Entergy…
AR Legislature

Hendren leaves GOP, Switches to Independent

Today, Senator Jim Hendren announced that he would be leaving the Republican Party.  Hendren said…
AR Legislature

Ballinger / Pilkington Throw Middle School Tantrum Over Stand Your Ground

Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee heard the infamous Stand Your Ground Bill, SB 24, and…