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    March 31, 2022

    Quorum Court Member Commits Fraud

    More accountability needed for county leaders   • Sebastian Co. Quorum Court member and husband lied about status so they could receive federal disability checks • Schwartz’s cheated gov out…
    February 3, 2022

    Fulfer Update: Arvest Sued Fulfer Family Business

    No wonder Cobly Fulfer couldn't get a loan for his campaign for SD7's special election. In July 2014, Arvest sued Wilkins Homes for defaulting on their loan payment: You can…
    February 2, 2022

    Did Fulfer Use PPP Loan to Finance Campaign?

    Wilkins Homes loan to Fulfer is illegal contribution; Wilkins Homes also received federal PPP funds for a business they no longer own.  You think someone with business moxie would understand…
    January 31, 2022

    Campaign Finance Rules: Fulfer Flunks Again

    Fulfer’s Loan Looks like Illegal Campaign Contribution Why is the pro-business, “Personal Responsibility” candidate in SD7 skirting finance laws?  Last week we told you about an ethics complaint we filed…
    AR LegislatureElectionsNews
    January 27, 2022

    Fulfer Flubs Ethics Requirement

    When a candidate runs for office, they work to win the trust of their constituents. But sometimes a candidate will fail to comply with state election laws. Colby Fulfer is…
    AR LegislatureNewsPower and Control
    December 15, 2021

    Bless Rapert’s Heart

    Last week all eyes were on Sen. Jason Rapert. In a blow to his campaign for Lt. Governor, an angry-turned-downtrodden Rapert was left with little political traction in the Governor's…
    AR LegislaturePower and Control
    November 29, 2021

    Did Speaker Shepherd Reprimand Governor’s Paid Map Consultant, Rett Hatcher?

    Did Matthew Shepherd scold Asa’s paid consultant, Rett Hatcher, over slippery ethical behavior? The Governor's hand-picked aide on the Board of Apportionment, Rett Hatcher, came under fire with Arleg leadership…
    AR LegislatureNewsPower and Control
    November 2, 2021

    Did Asa’s Handpicked Aide, Rett Hatcher, Illegally Lobby Arleg?

    Was Asa's handpicked redistricting aide, Rett Hatcher, using maps to lobby members of Arleg? Rett Hatcher is the lone aide Governor Asa Hutchinson handpicked and paid to help redraw new…
    AR LegislatureElectionsNewsPower and Control
    October 14, 2021

    Donate at Own Risk: Ethics Complaint Filed

    The Arkansas Ethics Commission is currently investigating Sen. Charles Beckham; Beckham has been accused of violating Arkansas Code Annotated §7-6-203 (g)(5), Rule 204(b) of the Arkansas Ethic Commission's Rules on…
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