Arkansas Senator Alan Clark was recently in the hot seat for trying to steal $155 in taxpayer funds. After his colleagues agreed Clark violated Senate ethics rules, Alan took to Facebook to express his frustrations… in the form of biblical warfare. Here’s the copy from his post:

“Secrets to giant killing: You need to be practiced and skilled with YOUR weapon. Use YOUR weapon. Don’t listen to the experts. NO ONE but you will expect you to win. If you want to get paid for killing giants, sign a contract on the front end. People have no fear of and no need of anyone to help them kill dead giants. The king’s advisors don’t care you are going to die. They just hope you buy them another day. Your family thinks you have a hero complex and THEY are the ones your father will blame for your death because they didn’t talk you out of this foolhardy mission. You cannot be a giant killer AND listen to your family.

Don’t be dismayed that people underestimate you. Giant killers are ALWAYS underestimated. You can’t be afraid to go out on the battlefield. Most people are afraid to actually enter the battlefield. If you do not have a confidence that makes you seem crazy to others, DON’T enter the battlefield. The battle is real and there WILL be a loser. Life’s battlefields are littered with the bodies of dead, would be giant killers. The giant did not get his reputation without a body count. Stop and pick up some ammunition. If/when the giant threatens you, you must answer. Others will think you are arrogant, cocky, overconfident.

If the giant says he is going to kill you, very calmly let him know that he is the one that is going to die. Look for the right moment to attack. Attack. Be sure that this is a giant you are supposed to kill. If God hasn’t ordained the battle there is a good chance everyone else will be right. Be sure you are ANOINTED to kill giants. It is not a job for everyone. And as David said it is God who actually wins the victory. Expect people, especially in leadership, to be jealous. Don’t forget to collect your earnings as agreed on in the contract. Mind your own business, play your harp, write your songs (allegorically) and wait for the next giant to cross your path and threaten.”

Which giant is Sen Alan Clark slaying? The Republican Party of Arkansas? His Senate colleagues? Constituents of the state? Whoever these behemoths may be, Clark invokes bizarre religious-warfare language and considers himself the victim of some kind of accountably violence. Remember, Clark made a joke of his unethical behavior when he donned a scarlet “E” to the Republican state convention.

Maybe when you expect to abuse power, being held to account feels unfair.