It looks like #podiumgate has turned into a full-fledged bonfire. 

On Friday afternoon, the Arkansas Times reported that attorney Tom Mars (former attorney for Gov. Mike Huckabee, so hardly a left-wing activist) had a whistleblower client who claimed to have evidence the Governor’s Office illegally falsified and withheld records that should have been disclosed to Matt Campbell of the Blue Hog Report under FOIA. 

The Governor’s cronies intentionally misled the public by falsifying documents and withholding information we have a legal right to know. That means that now we have a fire underneath all the smoke of a bogus special session, unconvincing spin work, and changing stories from the Governor’s Office. Additionally, just yesterday Sen. Jimmy Hickey called for a full legislative audit of the Governor’s use of taxpayer dollars to buy the now-infamous lectern.

This is why citizens of Arkansas need to continue to be relentless in calling for government transparency.

Had it not been for Arkansans of all political persuasions standing up in support of our FOIA laws, this might never have come to light. The whistleblower might not have had the bravery to step forward and provide this evidence. 

We applaud the public for their relentless efforts over the past few weeks. Keep pushing and calling, tweeting, texting, and emailing your legislators to hold Sarah Sanders accountable. 

According to the Arkansas Times, more details are coming soon. We will be ready to connect the dots for you when they emerge. Until then, amplify this story and give yourselves and the legislators who stood with you major kudos.

Democracy dies in darkness. Sunshine is the best disinfectant. Keep on shining the light, Arkansas.