Misty Orpin, podcaster extraordinaire over at Arkansas 2021, astutely picked up on some Senate shenanigans this past week. While the public and #arleg were reeling over insulting tweets, the Senate — specifically a group of extremist senators — attempted to undermine the executive function of the Governor’s office. Orpin made a quick 5 minute podcast about craziness and also tweeted a thread summarizing what happened (see screenshots below).

The Rundown: 

Extremist senators get mad at Asa over his pandemic emergency orders.

Extremist senators sue Asa because they are mad.

Extremist senators try to obstruct standard appropriations from the Governor because they are mad.

Regarding Dan Sullivan voting against the Governor’s appropriations because he felt personally slighted: Is this the Arkansas Senate or the Middle School playground? We get big “You aren’t my friend anymore because you didn’t invite me to your birthday party” vibes from his behavior.

Sen. Sullivan’s constituents should be appalled by their senator’s behavior. We’d suggest they give their senator a call except he does not have a phone number listed. Guess he isn’t cool with feedback or accountability. We suggest folks email him instead: [email protected]

To quote Ms. Orpin: “That’s the Arkansas Senate.”