Let’s unpack his power play and consider the consequences on our system of checks and balances

AG Griffin isn’t dropping his beef with the Board of Corrections. In case you missed it, Hunter Field of the Arkansas Advocate recently reported on Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin’s actions against the State Board of Corrections.

As we’ve mentioned, Griffin’s legal maneuvers highlight his disturbing pattern of prioritizing the governor’s interests over upholding the essential principles of checks and balances within our state’s governance.

It’s abundantly clear that Arkansans deserve better leadership and a more principled approach from our top law enforcement officer.

First and foremost, Griffin’s relentless pursuit of appeals against circuit court rulings that favored the state prison board shows his disregard for the independence of key state institutions. Rather than respecting the decisions of the circuit courts, Griffin’s actions suggest a concerted effort to consolidate power in the hands of the governor at the expense of other branches of government.

Griffin’s legal battles against the Board of Corrections are symptomatic of a broader trend wherein the attorney general appears more inclined to serve as an extension of the governor’s office rather than as a guardian of the public interest.

Take, for example, the disputes surrounding the hiring of outside counsel and alleged Freedom of Information Act violations. Griffin’s willingness to weaponize legal proceedings to advance political agendas, rather than to uphold transparency and accountability within state institutions, should give any Arkansan heartburn — especially elected leaders and members of the judiciary.

Griffin’s deference to SHS is giving monarchy

The recent rulings by Pulaski County Circuit Judges Patricia James and Tim Fox further underscore the troubling nature of Griffin’s conduct. Judge James’s decision to disqualify attorneys from the attorney general’s office due to potential conflicts of interest highlights the ethical ambiguities surrounding Griffin’s legal strategy.

Similarly, Judge Fox’s dismissal of Griffin’s lawsuit against the Board of Corrections exposes the attorney general’s failure to adhere to procedural norms and engage in good-faith efforts to address grievances through appropriate channels.

In essence, the ongoing legal battles orchestrated by Attorney General Tim Griffin against the Arkansas Board of Corrections represent a clear affront to the principles of democratic governance and the rule of law.

Arkansans deserve an attorney general who prioritizes the interests of the public above partisan allegiances and who upholds the integrity of our state’s institutions.

Folks, it’s time we demand better leadership and accountability from our top law enforcement officer.