Blue Hog Report has done an exceptional job of piecing together Trent’s seemingly illegal doubleheader. Here’s the gist:

• Garner illegally accepted a position with the Union County Public Defender’s office. 

• Garner started working as a public defender while still performing duties as a State Senator 

• Garner lied on his public defender time sheets, defrauding Union County of public funds 

TAKE ACTION: Tell Pulaski county and Union county prosecutors to charge Senator Trent Garner for his illegal behavior 

Legislator Turned Criminal?

ICYMI, it looks like Senator Trent Garner has been defrauding the Union County Public Defender’s Office since April. According to the Blue Hog Report, the Senator reported working public defender hours while attending state committee meetings as a sitting senator. Working for and/or accepting payment from a publicly funded entity while holding office is unlawful. Did he think no one would notice? Or maybe he assumed his time in the state legislature would put him above the law? Below are the dates in question via Blue Hog Report:

As you can see, this didn’t happen just once or twice—there were nine days in which Trent billed the public defender’s office while attending committee meetings at the Capitol. On top of receiving Union County payments, Trent also accepted legislative per diem for travel to and from Little Rock. Looks like Trent’s been stuffing his pockets with your hard-earned tax dollars.

Has Anyone Heard from Trent?

Despite his reputation for being quick-witted on social media, Trent has gone silent on Twitter. Looking at the evidence so far, it’s clear Trent was abusing his power—again. The question now is whether he will get away with it or not? The Attorney General’s office has yet to comment on whether they will investigate Trent.

The good news is the people of Arkansas can hold Trent accountable for his behavior. Sign our petition to have Trent investigated.

Hold Trent Garner accountable: click to sign the petition
Hold Trent Garner accountable: click to sign the petition