There’s something you should know about this candidate running for Arkansas House District 82.

Michelle Garrison worked as a nurse at the VA clinic in Ozark when she met Mark Berry, a candidate for Arkansas house District 82. Berry’s complaints about this brief but consequential meeting ended up costing Garrison her beloved job of more than a decade.

“He took my life away from me,” Garrison said. “My work was very important to me.”

A Trump-voting Republican herself, Garrison says she doesn’t have any political motivations for sharing this story. Friends encouraged her to speak up, and after some convincing, she agreed. Garrison recounted her disastrous dealings with Berry in the video above because she said people should know all they can about the candidates listed on their ballots.

“I don’t care whether you’re Republican, whether you’re Democrat, or who you are,” she said. “You just treat people right.”

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