In case you missed it, the latest big swing and a miss from Governor Sanders is Jamol Jones, her recent appointee to the Arkansas Parole Board.

In an exceptional piece of investigative reporting from Marine Glisovic at KATV, Arkansans learned that Jamol Jones was dismissed from the Benton Police Department due to his deceit during an internal affairs investigation.

Jones, who was appointed parole board chairman last Friday, faced termination in 2018 following an internal affairs probe initiated after he was suspected of violating Arkansas law; specifically, after he was suspected of having a sexual relationship with a minor.

Yes, you read that right; the person Sanders tapped to run the Parole Board was fired for a sexual relationship with a minor.

Jones admitted to lying during the investigation, initially denying involvement. He later confessed to a full sexual relationship with the minor. While the mother of the minor refrained from pursuing legal action, the police department’s investigation found Jones in violation of departmental ethics.

To make the disgusting matter of Jones’ hiring even worse, the governor’s communications director, Alexa Henning, released a tone deaf response to the KATV report:

“Jamol bravely served our nation in the Army and protected his community as a police officer, providing him with the experience and knowledge to serve on the Post-Prison Transfer Board and the Board of Corrections.”

-Alexa Henning on behalf of the Governor’s office

Wow. We know the Governor is in hot water with her bad Board of Corrections PR move lately, but that statement is a new level of gross.