Calling educators liars is a very bad look, Senator.

Yikes. Sen. Davis, the sponsor of Gov. Sanders’ LEARNS Act education bill, got pretty heated in this morning’s Senate Education Committee.

On several occasions, she accused school administrators of spreading misinformation and lying to the public. Davis has taken flak from educators across the state regarding the lack of information on the bill’s policy details. For six weeks leading up to Monday, the governor’s office has extensively marketed LEARNS but only released talking points, posters, and “myth vs fact” materials about the bill.

Public school educators have balked at the process and have condemned the lack of transparency and behind-closed-doors politicking behind The LEARNS Act’s creation. Consequently, Davis and the governor have been highly defensive of the unforthcoming strategy, and both are guilty of trying to pit teachers against administrators, likely to sow disunity among public school advocates.

The bill sponsor let her frustrations fly in committee this morning. About superintendents that have decried exclusion and a lack of collaboration, Davis said:

They are misleading the public, they are misleading you, they’re misleading their teachers… at best. Lying at worst.

It’s gonna be a minute before public administrators forget Breanne Davis did them dirty.